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Tabitha & Grant's Relationship?

Okay, so in the Pacifist Route, we hear that Grant gets confronted by Tabitha for hitting on his daughter, Brittany. But what I want to know is what you think their relationship will be like later on. Tabitha is known to be extremely concerned for Brittany's welfare, and is hostile towards those who threaten her, but we don't know anything about Grant & Tabitha's relationship, other than Tabitha despises him. What do you think their relationship is like?

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But doesn't he know Grant well enough to know that he is mostly harmless? 

I believe that Tabitha needs to protect her as much as he can. Even if he knows Grant is mostly harmless, he'd still want his daughter to be safe.

That's very true. I think Tabitha  & Grant have a very complicated relationship. 

I believe Grant & Tabitha are hostile towards each other, but Tabitha is like that in a good way. Grant desires attention, and is hitting on Brittany because he wants to date a Team Magma Agent's daughter to get ratings. Tabitha, on the other hand, just wants to protect his daughter.

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