This is a list of all possible Neutral Route outcomes, from "Untouched" to "Near Genocide"

Untouched Neutral Route

  • Pre-requisites: The player has not killed any major characters (Diantha, Cynthia, Tabitha, Clair, Maxie, Elesa, Cheren) and has killed 10 or less Fusions in total

In this route, Maxie Dreemurr is still ruler of the Hoenn region. It is comparable to the True Pacifist Route,as this route usually happens when attempting to do a True Pacifist Route on your first attempt.

Blinded Love Neutral Route

  • Pre-requisites: The player has not killed Diantha, Maxie, Elesa, Cheren & Clair, but has killed Cynthia at at least 10 Team Magma personnel (not including Tabitha)

In this route, Maxie is still Hoenn's ruler, but the residents of Hoenn lead a massive uprising to try to overthrow both Maxie & Diantha. Since Team Magma is not there to protect him, Maxie is killed during the uprising. Diantha, on the other hand, surrenders herself, and is banished to the Ruins. This is essentially a leaderless ending, but Diantha does survive the uprising, and is protected by Tabitha.

==Exhiled Queen Neutral Route==

*Pre-requisites: The player has not killed Diantha, Cheren, Tabitha, Clair & Elesa, but has killed Maxie, Cynthia & at least 15 Team Magma personnel

In this route, Diantha becomes Hoenn's new ruler, but an uprising by Hoenn's civilians ensues to try and overthrow her. Diantha becomes badly frightened, and surrenders herself, leading to her becoming banished to the Ruins. Tabitha will stay with Diantha during this route to protect her, but this is another leaderless ending.

==Hoenn's Angel Neutral Route==

*Pre-requisites: The player has killed Maxie, but no other major fusions

In this route, Diantha becomes ruler of Hoenn. This is another psuedo-pacifist route, except that Maxie is no longer ruler.

==Magma's Finest Neutral Route==

*Pre-requisites: The player has killed Maxie & Diantha

By process of elimination, Cynthia becomes Hoenn's new ruler and enforces a new policy on humans. She is still commander of Team Magma, however.

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