PokeTale is a fanon series made by Bryony Bara, Aliana Akebi, Celosia Martin & Mable Richardson. There are 3 issues in the manga-series: Neutral, True Pacifist & Mass Genocide. It follows the storyline of Undertale, but with Pokemon characters. 


  • Frisk: Calem Stevenson/Serena Stevenson, a human child who fell through a barrier into the Hoenn region, a region populated by Pokemon Fusions. They represent Determination & use a revolver to battle.
  • Napstablook: Candice Sparks/Glaceon, a sweet, depressed Pokemon Fusion that loves fashion & doesn't like to fight.
  • Toriel: Diantha Dreemurr/Gardevoir, a motherly Pokemon Fusion, the abdicated queen of Hoenn, and caretaker of the Sinjoh Ruins. 
  • Greater Dog: Iris White/Suicune, a playful energetic member of Team Magma who seeks love & attention.
  • Sans: Tabitha Homura/Mega Mewtwo X, a resilient Team Magma agent with a superiority complex who will defend the Hoenn royal family to the end.
  • Mad Dummy: Viola Teal/Absol, a freelance photographer that is Candice's snarky, intimidating cousin.
  • Undyne:Cynthia Shirona/Lucario, the commander of Team Magma, the organization within Hoenn that works to ensure the safety of the region's rulers.
  • Mettaton: Elesa Kagari/Kirlia, a successful pop star in the Hoenn region
  • Muffet: Jayma Stone/Aromatisse, a kindhearted member of Team Magma that doesn't want to hurt anyone.
  • So Sorry: Flannery Wright/Servine, a very shy fusion that is can only be battled through events.
  • Endogeny: Celosia Shalour/Mega Lopunny, a violent fusion with a penchant for killing anything near her.
  • Memoryhead, Reaper Bird & Lemon Bread: Aliana Akebi//Azelf, Mable Dias/Uxie & Bryony Bara/ Mesprit, 3 scientists who work alongside Malva. 
  • Snowdrake's Mother: Drasna Young/Meowstic, a sweet fusion that is depressed by the loss of her daughter. Her husband Victor is a member of Team Magma & she is Diantha's closest friend.
  • Asgore: Maxie Dreemurr/Gallade, the supreme ruler of the Hoenn region, and ex-husband of Diantha Dreemurr. He dislikes the human race for killing his daughter, Valerie.
  • Papyrus: Grant Steele/Yveltal, an ex-member of Team Magma who has a crush on Brittany Homura, the daughter of Agent Tabitha Homura.
  • Asriel: Valerie Dreemurr/Meloetta, the deceased daughter of Maxie & Diantha Dreemurr. She has two forms: Pirouette & Aria formes.
  • Omega Flowey: Gardenia Merritt/Roserade, an extremely violent fusion who later primal reverts to Primal Gardenia. She is a failed clone of Princess Valerie.
  • Alphys: Malva Carnet/Braixen, the royal scientist of the Hoenn region & creator of Courtney, Olympia & Fantina.
  • Doggo: Victor Young/Meowstic, a member of Team Magma & Drasna's husband
  • Lesser Dog: Asriel Dreamer/Manectric, a member of Team Magma & boyfriend of Sheena.
  • Dogami & Dogaressa: Sheena Fabray/Espeon & Suzana Malette/Sylveon, two female members of Team Magma with a hostile air about them.
  • Temmie: Shelly Homura/Mega Mewtwo Y, Tabitha's kindhearted, loyal wife & Brittany's mother. She owns the Hearthome City Contest Hall.
  • Chara: Emma Slater, the first human child to fall into Hoenn, and adopted by the Dreemurrs. She fell ill & passed away ages before Calem/Serena's appearance.
  • Brittany Homura/Shiny Diancie, the teenage daughter of Agent Tabitha Homura & his wife, Shelly.
  • Rachel Shirona/Riolu, the infant daughter of Cynthia Shirona & Malva Carnet.
  • Justice: Derek Preston, a human child from the Johto region whose soul was claimed by Maxie. He uses an unloaded gun to battle & his soul is yellow.
  • Bravery: Keegan Harmonia, a human child from the Kanto region whose soul was claimed by Maxie. He uses tough gloves to battle & his soul is orange.
  • Patience: Linnea Wilson, a human child from the Unova region whose soul was claimed by Maxie. She uses a toy knife to battle & her soul is aqua.
  • Perseverance: Kali Collier, a human child from the Alola region whose soul was claimed by Maxie. She uses Mega Glasses to battle, and her soul is purple.
  • Integrity: Mellie Matsubusa, a human child from the Kalos region whose soul was claimed by Maxie. She uses a Mega Stickpin to battle, & her soul is dark blue.
  • Kindness: Katelyn Reina, a human child from the Sinnoh region whose soul was claimed by Maxie. She uses a heart-shaped locket to battle, & her soul is green.
  • Annoying Dog/Toby Dog: Roxanne Williams/Eevee, a playful energetic fusion that aspires to be a member of Team Magma.
  • W.D. Gaster: Colress Achroma/Jolteon, the former royal scientist of Hoenn, before Malva Carnet.
  • Nice Cream Guy: Carley Lancaster/Pignite, a Casteliacone specialist in Lavaridge Town.
  • RG01 & RG02: Megan Wild/Vaporeon & Sabrina Berlitz/Leafeon, two members of Team Magma involved in an intimate relationship.

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